God-headed and arrogant.
Seems to be leaning into the act a little too hard.

Adopted: 2022.10.19
Artist: Dogtreat
Pronouns: --
Occupation: Steward, former.
Alias: The Seneschal, the Heresiarch
Orb flavor: Bismuth subsalicylate

Visitor from other realities. Seems to be living in another reality, too. Taken with delusions of grandeur and divine vainglory, despite being all of 2 feet tall. Has a special interest in this world's study of botany. Calculating, covetous, cavalier, capricious, conceited, and cruel. The Apollonian-Dionysian ideal all at once, but badly.

The mask rarely slips. But when it does, you get the sense that they don't really believe anything they say about themself...

In cahoots very serious and very treasonous co-conspiracy.