Welcome to Eaden!

If you're reading this message, then congratulations! You must be our very first visitor. Eaden is our makeshift home on this dusty moon. Us Wermz have been here since... Huh! I don't know when. For as long as I can remember, that's for sure.

What's a Werm? What kind of question is that?! That's like asking what has four paws and a flexible vertebral column. Um... no offense to those who are hairless bipeds.

Look for us around Eaden, when you're ready to leave this bunker. We might be small, but you can't miss us! It will probably take a little while to warm up to you-- we can be skittish around those that are bigger than us-- but we're excited to meet you.

We hope you enjoy your stay! Come back any time!

NOTICE: Dust storm warning. Stay inside.