This site has:

  • General post-apocalyptic themes
  • Animated elements (i.e. glitches, glows)
  • Links to elements that automatically play without warning
  • Elements that change without warning
  • No alt text, skiplinks, captions, etc; this site is not designed to meet web accessibility standards, sadly ):

Wermz is set in a vaguely post-apocalyptic wasteland that is populated with comical little ferret beasts. The tone is usually not a heavy one, but this site is built in such a way that there may be a few surprises.

Unlike my main website, this site was hastily slapped together for my own record-keeping and amusement, and is not intended to be shared widely. For this reason, I have not developed it to the same standards as my own website. It lacks certain accessibility and quality-of-life elements that I would consider non-negotiable for any other project.

The reason I have omitted them is because this is meant to be a low-energy sketchbook for goofing around and tracking personal gameplay stuff-- it is really meant for an audience of one (or two or three). I am more interested in devoting time and energy to writing image captions and troubleshooting user interface issues on my main website, which contains my more "serious" body of work.

So... Poke around if you like, just know that your mileage may vary.


I made a point of using almost no original assets to build this site, which means it's one big collage of creative commons, public domain, and otherwise free-to-use work. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the folks in the list below, who have generously shared their work to be used in one way or another.

Please check them out!

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    My eternal gratitude to Sadgrl for this groovy template. This one is both super customizable and pretty beginner-friendly, if you have experience playing with neopets petpages, tumblr themes, toyhouse pages, etc.

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Home Page

Wasteland Wandererz

The Story So Far

  • Header image: Bunker by user 11287688 on Pixabay
  • Background pattern: Sci-fi Texture pack 04 by Milosh--Andrich on deviantART
  • Gear: Gear by user squarefrog on Pixabay

The Scrapheap

Credits + Content Warnings



??? #1551


鴟尾 #1637


Σείριος #1712

-- #1972

-- #1994



-- #2478

:) #2669

-- #2795

-- #2906

By and large I've chosen to use 3d renders and ~game asset art throughout this website. As I started slapping images together, I fell in love with the ~90's/00's RPG UI that emerged. These pieces remind me of games like Oblivion, Morrowind, Fallout, and Pathologic, which are simultaneously eerie and comforting to me in the way they chose to stylize themselves. So, shoutout to people here who are doing that work, in this age of hyperrealism. You're keeping the spirit aliiiive.


Wermz belong to 0blivion, and are part of a forum game about scrappy little ferret beasts scavenging in a lonely wasteland. This site would not exist without it; it's been a wonderful place to decompress and goof around, and I've been having a blast writing absurd lore for the little pixel weasels. Check it out here!


Yeah yeah yeah ok, digital collaging and text and (some) art by 1ore / m0r1bund, whatever. Sincerely, thank you for making it this far?? Like I said up there, this is just for my own fun. But if it's peripherally amusing to anyone else, then I guess that's a plus :)