A tiny, scrappy-looking esk on stick feet. Her fur is silvery grey-black, with streaks running up and down her wispy mane and tail. She has sharp claws and spurs on her hindlegs, and an even sharper tumbleweed wrapped around her neck like a collar. A white X-shaped marking forms a blaze on her forehead, while her black eyes are hard to make out against her dark fur.

Origin: Trespasser

Nature: Astray

Boundary: Ghost Town

Size: Petite

Nature Features: Tumbleweed (Kali tragus / Salsola tragus)

Desert Senna (Senna covesii)

The Arid Biome badge.

◆ Growth points ◆

102 GP

GP Log


You're looking for trouble.

Local weedy woman and general pain in the ass.

More to come!

Well, you howl and you roar
But I am not afraid of you anymore.

Agua Fria National Monument. Photo by BLM AZ