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Those Who Went Missing is a collaborative worldbuilding game centered on odd-fellow nature spirits, called esk. You can find more information about my works with the world here. This profile is for keeping track of game mechanics and personal achievements.

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Player Level: Nature Spirit icon, depicting a flower of life.

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Nature Spirit

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4,639 AP

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Diaspore. She's full of edges.

Diaspore #1117

Kithless. She's a little foreboding.

Kithless #1542

2105. They're sensitive and meek.

??? #2105


The Plains Biome Event badge. It's got a little esk out on the grasslands, at set of sun.The Plains Biome Event: Firestorm Quest completion badge. It depicts the seedling Vetru planted, and new growth.

Featured Artist badge.

September 2018, in which I am losing it rightly. Thank you!!!

The Creator badge, a crystal.

Kithless #1542


A paper crane.

Today (July 28, 2018) marks two days past the end of my internship down at my local ghost river.

I studied monarch activity there in hopes of creating a more robust habitat to help them on their journey north.

It was a wonderful experience, and cemented the fact that I need to go back to school for the environmental sciences.

A wobbly little plant. It simply won't stay still! A pad full of notes from an esk sighting. A pair of vines weaving together endlessly. A delicate insect preserved in amber. A floral bundle, with colorful blossoms. An aromatic bundle of herbs.

A fun little guy with two legs, cobbled together of acorn bits and leaves. This lazy fellow is made of a pinecone. This little seed buzzes about on huge leafy wings. And this one stares at you with big ol' eyes.

A bottle of layered sand. A bottle with a storm captured inside.

A shard of Selenite. A smoldering ember. An orb of water with a plant taking root in it. An Ammomite, now an Ammolite. A dandelion puff. Make a wish! Odd, geometric spheres. Prehnite, carved into an effigy of a snake.