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Kithless #1542


Kithless. She's a powerfully built esk on broad paws and tufted hindlegs, with her tail and mane tied into loose ponytails. The rest of her hair droops over her face, mesquite beans threaded throughout.

 Kith in her previous life. She's a hydrologist with a broad frame and wide shoulders, her black hair tied up in a no-nonsense ponytail. A pair of turquoise earrings dangle from her ears. Here, she's cleaning up the wreckage of Dia's presence.

The Arid Biome badge.

Origin: Traveler

Nature: Severe

Boundary: Ghost river

Size: Arresting

Nature Feature: Mesquite beans

▲ Growth points ▲

316.5 GP

GP Log


You came all this way just to ask me about her? You need to go. Right now.

Kithless was a hydrologist living out of the Salt River Valley, sometime during the early 2000's.

She is a markedly sober esk in that she remembers her life's work with great clarity. But her memory can't discriminate, because work was really all she knew; Kith had few friends to speak of, and only a passing relationship with her family. She would throw herself into her research in staunch isolation, while her stolid, brusque demeanor pushed away many of her coworkers. Most people considered her a hard-ass. Fewer considered her a friend, and fewer still noticed when she went missing.

It is very difficult for Kith to continue her studies as an esk. She intended to lose herself so hopelessly that she would never return, and so the memory of her previous life has become something of an old and tired ache for her. Instead, she's found new purpose as a Warden of her haunt; Her bond with the Salt River watershed is freedom, whole and unbridled. She warmed up quickly to becoming the law of the land, when she realized she no longer abides by the red tape that tied her down in life.

The land is fond of her. Those who would harm it have a healthy fear of her. It's a perfectly stiff, professional relationship, and she likes to keep it that way.


Kith is impassive around stranger esk. She will help those who need it, and will answer questions about her boundary in a few curt words, but she does not seek companionship. She neither objects to nor invites these interactions-- Although she may purposefully run them into the ground in order to get out of them. Coexisting in silence seems to be the most comfortable form of companionship to her, but it is difficult to say if she prefers this over isolation.

Kith is protective of researchers within the Agua Fria National Monument. She feels a powerful sense of responsibility for them.

So far as anybody can tell, Kith is not on speaking terms with the esk Dia. Mentioning the woman around her can and will damage Kith's opinion of a person. (She refuses to talk about her, anyway.) Meetings between the two esk are unpredictable-- some end rather benignly, others with a cryptic exchange of harsh words, and others yet with a mighty clash that shakes their shared boundary. That Dia transformed Kith is not a detail that either esk will volunteer.

Kith is intolerant of those who seek to harm her boundary and its inhabitants. She shows little mercy in running them off.

(This list is incomplete! If you have used Kith as a character in your stories, just let me know and I can add a little blurb.)


  • Kithless was not her name in life; It is unclear if she remembers her name, but she never volunteers it. "Kithless" is a scathing nickname bestowed to her by Diaspore, which she adopted out of petty spite.
  • Kithless is a relatively young esk, and has not performed a transformation yet. This is subject to change in the future...
  • The mesquite pods on Kith's mane are edible. Rumor has it they're the sweetest you'll ever taste, but most folks don't make it that far.
  • In general, Kith is a guarded loner with a severe sense of justice. She is tied too strongly to the rivers to leave her boundary for long, and only appears when her judgement is called on... But she can have markedly gentle moments. She can be depicted in other ways “just for fun,” too!


Tattered, bloody linens.

Bloody Bandages

Physical object; often worn

(Does not give accessory bonus)


Kithless can be freely used as a character in your own stories. I've written a little bit about her personality here, but I encourage folks to spin their own yarns about her, and to explore the dynamics most interesting to them. Kith is notoriously stolid, but may have a somewhat gentle, sad, or even angry energy about her... She is new to being an esk, and has not yet made a name for herself.

Kith cannot be used as a creator esk at this time. As her story unfolds, this is subject to change...