Each of my esk. Click through their icons for more info about them. A more complete list of my esk and non-esk characters is found here.

Diaspore. She's full of edges.

Diaspore #1117

A stranger. They're sensitive and meek.

??? #2105

The Tower. He's handsy.

The Tower #3488

Heath. He's huge and moppy.

Heath #019

ES. She's a little empty-eyed.

ES #3882

Rhodes. She's sleek as a salmon.

Rhodes #3883

Senna. She's scrappy like her tumbleweed.

Senna #946

The June Coyote. She's big and scruffy, like an old dog.

Jun #3466

Beannach. She has enormous wooden horns on her head.

Beannach #4383

Nendo and Dango. They're just... They're just little guys!

Nendo + Dango
#4809 + #4810

A Topography of Ghosts

A distribution map, if you will.
Full-view version here, with accessibility captions.