Four strange Ningen or Fresno Night Walker-like creatures. Incidentally, they also look like somebody cut an esk in half.

A gif of one of the funky little guys above doing a little dance.Ditto above.Ditto above.


Note: these are silly, non-canonical depictions of Esk, a closed species authored by witherlings (check them out at Those Who Went Missing-- you can make one for free by playing the game!)

The characters depicted above (clockwise from the top left) are: Ora, Dia, Blue, and Tex.

A tiny scribble of the esk Diaspore. She's craning to look backwards over her back, but unfortunately her mane cuts off her torso in such a way that her forelegs look strangely like human legs.

This page itself is a loving goof, born by ingesting a lethal amount of thai tea at midnight and making a painting of one of my esk characters that looked a little bit.... hm!