A Topography of Ghosts

Each of my esk, mapped!

Sonoran Desert Region

O'odham, Yavapai, Hopi, Diné, Quechan, Apache, Puebloan, and many many others' land. The Sonoran Desert Region includes Southern Arizona north to the Mogollon Rim, the southeastern corner of California, the state of Sonora, the Baja California peninsula, the Gulf of California, and many adjacent biotic communities, such as portions of the Colorado Plateau, Mojave, and Chihuahan Deserts.

Diaspore #1117

Biome: Arid
Boundary: Rocky desert

Boundary includes the Salt River Valley, Tres Rios confluence, as well as the Agua Fria river and surrounding Perry Mesa and Black Mesa (Agua Fria National Monument.)

Spends most of her time in a fictionalized area based on Perry Mesa and Black Mesa. Struggles to navigate the Phoenix metro and largely avoids it, despite it being part of her boundary.

Heath #019

Biome: Forest
Boundary: Bosque

Boundary is a mesquite bosque in a fictionalized area based on Perry Mesa and Black Mesa (Agua Fria National Monument.)

Within the bosque is a dilapidated church and an old cairn, both of which Heath likes to keep an eye on.

Senna #946

Biome: Arid
Boundary: Ghost town

There's a few ghost towns in the area but I'll probably fictionalize hers.

Photo by BLM AZ

Jun #3466

Biome: Arid
Boundary: Rain shadow desert

Who knows! Who knows!

??? #2105

Biome: Freshwaters
Boundary: Dammed river

Boundary is a fictionalized tributary of the Verde River, based loosely on Fossil Creek. The stream was previously dammed, but the dam has been removed in the present day.

The Tower #3488

Biome: Arid
Boundary: Desert guide tower

Boundary is an adobe tower somewhere in the Sonoran Desert.

Brooks Range

A large mountain range and its associated communities in Iñupiat, Koyukon, and Gwichʼin land, or what is currently Arctic Alaska.

Rhodes #3883

Biome: Polar
Boundary: Meandering river

Boundary is a meandering river somewhere around the Brooks Range.

Photo by Steve Tevebaugh, NPS

ES #3882

Biome: Developed
Boundary: Dilapidated ranger station

Boundary is a dilapidated ranger station somewhere around the Brooks Range.

Photo by Tim Martin

The Burren

A landscape of glaciated karst limestone in County Clare, Ireland.

Beannach, Maoil, The Anbhu, The Onnu... #4383

Biome: Mountain
Boundary: Shattered karst

Boundary is in the Burren, somewhere.

Photo by Graham Higgs