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Diaspore #1117


A reference sheet for Diaspore. She's a lanky esk with wild, radially patterned hair, and is all black but for her white mask. Two dry stems of ocotillo trail behind her from the nook between her collar and shoulderblades.

Dia, in life, knee-deep in the Salt River under cover of midnight. She's an extraordinarily tall and lanky woman with thick hair almost as long as she is. She's dressed to the nines like a blackhat, caked in mud or blood or both. In one hand, she totes a shovel, and in the other, a body.

The Arid Biome badge.

Origin: Trespasser

Nature: Vexatious

Boundary: Rocky Desert

Size: Tall

Nature Feature: Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens)

▼ Growth points ▼

342.5 GP

GP Log


This one won’t appreciate your efforts any more than mine, I’m afraid. Wander long enough the washes and dry riverbeds of our deserts, and you may have already crossed her without knowing it. Diaspore never leaves her boundary, but she is watchful, and if she sees you she will do anything in her power to get rid of you.

You may be tempted to hide your intentions, but you must approach her with patient candor. Doubly so if you hope to ask something of her. Dia is methodical; She will posture at you, provoke you, threaten you, torment you until she finds the perfect words to make you leave. She can be fearsome, but you must remember she can not hurt you--- and would not, even if she could.

Please be mindful, though… I don’t know what you will find hidden behind the ocotillo door. I fear she doesn’t, either.

Diaspore (“Dia,” affectionately, but not to her face) was a lawyer-turned-desperado living out of the Territory of Arizona in the late 19th century.

Dia's memory begins and ends with her boundary, which sprawls from portions of the Salt River Valley to Perry Mesa, and maps in some places to a small land claim she forged in order to impede development along the Agua Fria river. The ensuing dispute culminated with her disbarment, and, when she took up the black hat's revolver, ultimately claimed her life.

Ever a solitary esk, Dia reacts violently to encroachment. She uses her sharp tongue and keen mind to ruthlessly heckle other esk until they leave her and her boundary alone. Despite this, she seems to hold no desire to transgress the barriers between them, and does not purposefully bring harm to any being-- living or non.


  • Diaspore was not her name in life; It's a moniker of sorts used by those esk who had the misfortune of encountering her after her transformation. Dia does not remember her name, and doesn't use one for herself.
  • Dia is asocial, antagonistic, and does not leave her boundary... but she may have moments of vulnerability. She can be depicted in other ways "just for fun," too!
  • Because Dia desires isolation above all else, she does not perform transformations. She sees her current state as punishment for her failure to protect her boundary, and guards her role as its warden jealously. This is subject to change in the future...
  • Dia doesn't really know how to be an esk. Whoever transformed her did not or could not stick around, and she rejects all help. As a result of this she can not teleport or levitate, and instead travels by foot to each of her haunts.
  • She's developed funny ways of doing things to get around this; She struggles with telekinesis, for example, and so prefers to smash things into her form in order to carry them. This does not hurt her.
  • Dia's ocotillo is nine times out of ten dormant. It will, however, erupt into life as the rains move through her boundary. This improves her mood considerably.
  • Allegedly, it may even bloom... But this is an unquantifiable claim.
  • While Dia's “speaking” voice is articulate, her internal dialogue is stuttering and sometimes fractured. When she is alone, this repetition comes to the surface, and she may repeat her thoughts back to herself.
  • Diaspore is markedly tolerant of the flora and fauna within her boundary, who sometimes seek her out for help. She is visibly uncomfortable serving it under any capacity other than a warden, though.