TWWM Characters

All of the major characters that appear in my works for Those Who Went Missing.

Each character is linked back to their respective tags on my blog, where you can find more art of them. Esk trackers are also enclosed, where appropriate.

Ghost River

Kith. She's a stern woman with a strong jaw and her black hair bundled up in a no-nonsense ponytail. A pair of turquoise earrings hang from her ears.

Kith ▲ She/her ▲ Senior Hydrologist ▲ TWWM Tracker

Kith is a senior hydrologist with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management, currently studying the Agua Fria watershed. She’s quiet, stern, and a little brusque. Most people consider her a hard-ass. She seems to like it that way.

Amery. He's a slight but animated young man with his cornrow braids tied up in a bun.

Amery ◆ He/him ◆ Junior Hydrologist

Amery is the “junior” hydrologist (affectionately) studying the Agua Fria watershed with his boss, Kith. He’s fresh out of grad school, eager to please, and feels he has a lot to prove. Unfortunately, this makes him quite stress-prone, and he just can’t seem to leave behind his retail voice.

Dev. He's sort of gruff looking, with a big curly beard and wide-brimmed ranger hat.

Devon ◆ He/him ◆ Not a Hydrologist

Devon is an enforcement ranger based out of the Agua Fria National Monument. He’s a cool and collected young man, a little sardonic at times, but kind-hearted. Although he doesn’t get the worst of it like his boyfriend Amery, the designated “office baby” does, Devon is still considered a city boy and a greenhorn when it comes to his job.

Two black eyes peer out at you from behind a mesquite thicket.

Diaspore ▼ She/her ▼ Lawyer ▼ TWWM Tracker

Dia is really, really mad. All the time.


An odd esk, with a hooked muzzle like a bird, or salmon. The moss that forms their mane has not seen water in years, and is withered to black.

??? ◆ Any pronouns ◆ Hydrologically sensitive ◆ TWWM Tracker

This esk gives you decompression sickness.