Origin: Abnormal

Nature: Guilty

Boundary: Conscience pile

Size: Consequential

Nature Features: Two-needle pinyon (Pinus edulis)

One-seed juniper (Juniperus monosperma)

The Arid Biome badge.

◆ Growth points ◆

0 GP

GP Log


The guilt trip starts a long way from home.

It’s February 22nd, 2019, and a package turns up at the Painted Desert Visitor Center. The morning staff crowd around the box to reenact a dying ritual.

They watch as a park ranger slips her pocket knife into the packing tape, and opens up the box. Inside is a small stone, a chunk of crimson agate with milky white rings in it. The package has no return address. There is a note attached to the stone, and on it is a single word, handwritten:


The ranger sighs. It’s been a long time since they added to the pile.

◆ Notes ◆

  • Timid, meek, and shy. Extremely sensitive to negative emotional states in other beings, particularly guilt and shame. Easy to scare and difficult to approach. Does best around calm, well-intentioned individuals who are (at least momentarily) untroubled, and not merely concealing their trouble. Strangely compelled by the company of the guilty, though.
  • Inarticulate. Makes no vocalizations and has no language except body language. Occasionally makes a sound like the hollow droning of the wind through stones, or a clicking noise, like a rock bouncing down a slope.
  • Resonance is unsteady and percussive, like the sound of someone knapping a rock for the first time.
  • Petrified wood face can shift and change expression or pattern. Doesn’t visibly shapeshift while in view, but can change when you’re not looking. Usually notched somewhere and asymmetrical.
  • About the size of a small coyote.
  • Sometimes compelled to travel abroad, against their best interests. Does not visit the Conservatory of own volition.

◆ Use ◆

Feel free to reach out if you’d like to depict #4680 in your work. I am currently exploring this character, so they are best suited to one-off pieces of work and character studies of other esk interacting with them or their haunt. In general, they’re a fleeting presence that prefers to observe others from a safe distance, if at all. Those with a gentle, grounding energy might be lucky enough to approach them, while those with trouble in their hearts may gain a fearful new shadow.

#4680 can be used as a creator esk for those with petrified wood nature features, or who have some connection to the Petrified Forest. They would most likely create abnormal esk from pieces of stolen petrified wood, just like them. They’re also compelled to seek out those with a guilty conscience–it’s not impossible that they might pass on a transformation or retransformation to such individuals.

Piñon pine. Photo by Emilie Chen