you gonna keep scrolling without saying howdy

[Long Description: A short strip. A woman ferries dirty dishes from her room and to the kitchen, but takes pause. Scrawled across the hallway walls are incoherent phrases, written in black ink. She ignores them and keeps moving. As she passes by the scribbles, they cut away into something legible, reading: ‘I know you can see me’]

you gonna keep scrolling without saying howdy

February 19, 2021

reprisal, probably.

My little ax to grind of February. There is a silly sense of living in my own shadow when it comes to Dia as a character, and it makes it hard to pursue flights of fancy sometimes. Not everybody needs an intense project or a Big Story, I can draw what I want and revisit ideas as I please.

AP + GP Breakdown

Grey area in TWWM canon, not worrying about scoring