[Long Description: A whole page of some rather different-looking Heaths. He straddles the line between esk, funny ghost, and human. In most drawings he is very like the pastor of his past life—if a bit hollow-eyed and haggard. He wears the pelt of his nature spirit form like a shawl or cloak. In other drawings, the skin bleeds into his form, or overtakes him, shifting more into the canid ghost.

There’s also a literal bull-headed Heath in there, somewhere. Because why not.]

clothes... 2!

August 20, 2021

More of ghost Heath having a weird one, kind of elaborating on “clothes" (which in turn is a quasi-canonical elaboration on "The First Hurt.") Not entirely happy with his design but it's fun to get a little weird with him.

Bull-headed Heath is a holdover from Ghost River, of all things. One of these days I want to make an illustration of him properly, so the long-winded explanation will have to wait. Just had cows on the mind recently, thanks to friend and co-conspirator Snoodls and also Fiachmara’s art.

AP + GP Breakdown

Not canonical to TWWM, this is just for fun.