Content Warning:

General discussion of Catholicism and Christianity throughout, in a perhaps unflattering light. (Heath is a man of the faith, but he has a complicated relationship with it.)

The First Hurt pg. 6 [Soulsong - Something Gained]

[Long Description: Heath makes the hike to the base of the embankment dam, but lingers there for a while. The wind blows on ahead of him, funneled high into the air by the dam’s slopes. He has quite the climb ahead of him.

And when he makes it to the top…]

The First Hurt pg. 6
[Soulsong - Something Gained]

August 14, 2021


Heath is getting close. He stands there, at the edge of the world, memories gathering behind him like the wind at his back. Terra firma is just within grasp. He can feel the breeze sweeping up the walls of the dam, the earth rising to meet his steps.

But as he gazes at the embankment slopes, he pauses. His old bones hurt just looking at it.

‘Damn that man,’ Heath thinks. If he wants his apology, he’s going to have to work for it.

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Coming back up to the real world... This is the last prompt, but second-to-last page. Hopefully the transition between Conservatory and earth is ok, hah.

More info that’s only relevant to me: the architectural draft overlain on the first panel is for the Old Waddell Dam (previously Frog Tanks Dam,) an arched concrete dam constructed on the Agua Fria in the ~20s. The earthen embankment dam is modeled after the New Waddell Dam, which was constructed in the 80s to increase the capacity of Lake Pleasant. You can look at the original blueprints here (thanks, Beardsley)

For the Conservatory Event - Soulsong quest. Prompt is "Something Gained," which is part of the Temple of Silence route.

AP Breakdown

Panel 1

Base Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)
+5 AP (Full Body)*
+20 AP (Full/Scenic Background)
+20 AP (Conservatory Bonus)
+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)

Total AP: 60

GP Breakdown

Panel 1

Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)
+2 GP (Full Body)*
+6 GP (Full/Scenic Background)
+5 GP (Conservatory Bonus)

Total GP: 17

*Dropped scoring of bottom panels, to counterbalance the scale + simplicity of Heath in the first panel