hey is there any thai tea left

[Long Description: A woman opens the fridge door in the combined livingroom / kitchen of her apartment. Unopened moving boxes are strewn about, the only real furniture being an old couch and a coffee table. It’s late night, the world outside a dim red, and the fridge light casting peachy rays in the darkness. A ghost sits in the woman’s shadow, watching her from the couch.]

hey is there any thai tea left

February 24, 2021

“I don’t have a mouth, but”

My little ax to grind of February. There is a silly sense of living in my own shadow when it comes to Dia as a character, and it makes it hard to pursue flights of fancy sometimes. Not everybody needs an intense project or a Big Story, I can draw what I want and revisit ideas as I please.

AP + GP Breakdown

Grey area in TWWM canon, not worrying about scoring