clothes pg. 7

[Long Description: Before Isaac can spiral into panic, something slams into his boat. He’s thrown backwards by the force of it— a hand shooting up out of the water and grasping at the kayak.

Isaac looks down at the water, just as it rises to meet him. A huge shape lunges out of the waves and into his boat. The silhouette drags its belly over the edge, shaggy mane dripping with water. Its blank and featureless mask stares at Isaac.

It shifts. The mask and fur part, slightly, to reveal a face. His face.

Heath’s, that is. The pastor of his past life looks up at Isaac. He’s a bit delirious, and smells a lot like wet dog, but he’s more or less the same.

Isaac has to take a moment to register what he’s seeing. When he does, he smiles unhingedly.]

clothes pg. 7

August 20, 2021


I think a lot about werewolves and clothes and a loved one giving a werewolf their clothes in order to change back. Heath isn’t that, but the sentiment is the same.

More drawings of this nonsense located here. But other than that, that’s it for now. Thanks for coming along on this silly self-indulgent journey... again.

AP + GP Breakdown

Step 1: Esk cannot return to their original form from their past life.​
Step 2: Failed step 1.

(not canonical to TWWM, this is just for fun.)