clothes pg. 6

[Long Description: Before Heath can get a word in, Isaac bundles up the clothes in his hands and unceremoniously throws them at the esk’s face.

Isaac: Now put on your clothes.

Heath sits there, on the water, his head covered in dirty laundry. Isaac folds his arms, frowning.

Heath starts trembling. Isaac blinks. The water ripples around Heath’s feet until, all at once, the esk collapses. He plunges through the surface of the water, disappearing into the depths with a great splash. Isaac shields his face from the spray, falling back in his boat.

He sits there for a moment, winded and sprawled out. Then, he crawls up to the edge of the boat and peeks down into the waves.

Floating in the water is a bundle of fur scraps, many sheafs of yerba mansa, and a strange, wooden mask that resembles Heath’s featureless muzzle.

Isaac clutches the edge of the boat.


clothes pg. 6

August 20, 2021

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AP + GP Breakdown

weird transformation but ok
(not canonical to TWWM, this is just for fun.)