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[Long Description: Isaac pulls the shawl out and folds it in his lap.

Isaac: It had pretty bad sunrot when we found it. Vasco did the repairs for me, one year.

He lays it on the rim of the kayak, and moves onto the next garment.

Isaac: The cassock was sitting in a uni collection.

Finally, he produces a saturno from the trunk.

Isaac: The hat was the worst. It bounced around some vintage auctions for a while. Every time I tried to intercept it, it had been shipped to another part of the states. I finally stole it from a curate in the Everglades.

Isaac touches his neck. A memory bites at the back of his mind.

Isaac: … I never did find your stole.

Heath lifts his featureless face to see Isaac.

Heath: Why did you do all this?

Isaac looks at him as if he’d just been shot. He scrapes the air, scowling, then touches his temples.

Isaac: I—

He gestures inarticulately, at a loss for words.

Isaac: Missed you.]

clothes pg. 5

August 20, 2021

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