clothes pg. 4

[Long Description: The comic cuts to a kayak-like boat, floating on a reservoir. Isaac sits in the boat, leaning over the side of it to retrieve something from the water. The nature spirit Heath walks on the water adjacent to the boat, watching the man work.

Heath: … You don’t really think it’s that easy.

Isaac: No. But worth a try!

Isaac gives whatever it is one last yank. He bucks up, and in one smooth motion pulls a wooden trunk out of the water. It lands in his lap, soaking the boat. Heath pulls back in surprise.

Isaac lifts the lid, humming thoughtfully. He pulls out a large garment with a diamond-shaped symbol on the back.

Isaac: Your shawl.]

clothes pg. 4

August 20, 2021

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Don’t worry about why it was sitting in a reservoir. It’s ghost clothes babey.

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who will stop my wretched hands
(not canonical to TWWM, this is just for fun.)