clothes pg. 2

[Long Description: Vasco just gives Heath a wry smile.

Vasco: Hi, Heath.

Heath: Hello, Mrs. Diaz.

The woman hops off the pile of rocks. Isaac sets Heath down on the ground.

Vasco: Well.

The two ghosts— Vasco and Isaac— appraise Heath like a particularly interesting plant. Heath just stands there awkwardly.

Vasco: He’s not a werewolf.

Isaac: No I don’t think so.]

clothes pg. 2

August 20, 2021

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The funny thing about the so-called “night parade of 100 ghosts” is that it involves a lot of characters who have lived rent free in my brain for years, but which never came out in writing for this reason or that.

Vasco / “Mrs. Diaz” is the adoptive mother of Dia (Rio Diaz). But we don’t have time to unpack all that! Live securely in the knowledge that everybody knows everybody else around here.

AP + GP Breakdown

100 HP (Heath Points)
(not canonical to TWWM, this is just for fun.)