clothes pg. 1

[Long Description: A sketchy comic opens with the ghost of an older woman sitting on some stones, somewhere out on the Mogollon rim. She wears a head covering and a long skirt, idly embroidering in her lap.

Someone calls out to her off-screen.

Isaac: Vasco!

The ghost-lamplighter Isaac pokes his head up from below the ridge. He’s carrying something off-camera in both hands. Vasco just smiles at him.

Isaac: Since you know everything. Question for you.

Isaac lugs the esk Heath into view. His paws sit out awkwardly over Isaac’s arms, featureless muzzle poking through his moppy bangs.

Isaac: My fiancé’s soul is stuck in the body of a dog. How do we get him… Out of the dog.]

clothes pg. 1

August 20, 2021

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I lied! I pulled a trick on all of you! I Did Not Sleep For A Week!

Being that “The First Hurt” is what it is, and I still have creative impetus left over from whatever the hell possessed me to do all the art for a CWBRPG/ARPG quest in the span of a week and a half, I have stray threads I wanted to tie up that nobody asked me to tie up. First is the issue of Heath’s… situation.

I think that Isaac would make a very poor esk (as fun as it is to think about, I just can’t imagine him letting that happen) so there is weirdness about his old flame being stuck in the body of a ghost dog. That, and I just like drawing people. This, err, quasicanonical* comic addresses that. Enjoy…?!

*sometimes things are ~canon to your own silly brain that aren’t canon to the rest of the collaborative framework. Obviously, this is canon noncompliant in TWWM. But if you look at the rest of my work… well… this is just a normal Friday night.

AP + GP Breakdown

Legally, I cannot.
(not canonical to TWWM, purely fun : -) )