The Tower

[Long description: Twin compositions of an odd-fellow esk, a canid nature spirit with a featureless face. This one is patterned with a charcoal body and an off-white mane, which has a texture eerily reminiscent of human hands. Cut into his chest is a chasm filled with light, color, and exposed metal rebar bent like a ribcage. Small, hairline fractures extend from it to cover his body, reminiscent of kintsugi.

In the top image, he sits resolute in front of an adobe tower under a blue sky. He gazes into a pool of water to examine the reverse image; a mirror of the top, but in this one, the tower is reduced to rubble, and the esk is out like a light. Black fractures creep over his body, with blooms of the Desert Star (Monoptilon bellioides) growing out of them. ]

April 15, 2020

I've been sitting on this little guy for almost a year, oops.

The Tower is a gregarious and charismatic esk that haunts his own bones, a guide tower deep in the Sonoran desert that's forgotten to human memory (and most memories, really.) He wants nothing more than to be occupied again. Unfortunately, he also has... hm... separation anxiety. You can read more about him at his tracker.