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Mild nudity.

old skin

[Long description: A memory of Dia, as the woman of her previous life. She sits atop a sunbleached ribcage under a red crescent moon. Desert shaggy mane (Podaxis pistillaris) pokes through the bones, alongside desert marigold (Baileya multiradiata.) Dia looks furtively back as she holds up a bundle of the mushrooms in one hand.]

July 8, 2020

is it legal to quote a tumblr post as if I'm quoting song lyrics... Because every day I think about the sentence “The fruits of the Earth do not exist to be worth something to us.

Anyway. Sister piece to this : -) new life in old skin

Desert shaggy mane and desert marigold are two relatively common beings where I am. I really like to illustrate plants / fungi to formally introduce myself to them, especially ones that folks might see so frequently that they become invisible. Ironically, desert shaggy mane has a whole bundle of culinary and medicinal uses. Desert marigold, on the other hand... only seems to get remarked upon as a pretty flower and lethal forage for hoofstock. But a host of other critters have relationships with it, including its own species of moth, the exceptionally handsome desert-marigold moth (Schinia miniana) :^9

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