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Abstract depiction of a body's internals, blood. (i.e. a woman crawling out of the body of a critter.)

i can't stop although it's useless after all

[Long description: Dia, in life and in a strange, distorted mirror-image of it. She is split at the collarbone between her canid esk shape and her human shape, who crawls blood-stained out of the ribs of her esk body, as if she's doing nothing more than shedding the day's clothes. ]

Murder and colonies, land without rivers
Raging in the middle of some sad destiny

May 28, 2020

I've had this sketch sitting on my drive for a little while. It's on the morbid side, but, I have this image impressed on me by folktales and stories worldwide of cutting a human body out of the body of a beast, and vise-versa-- not as an act of violence, just of transformation. I enjoy depictions of transformation as a sloughing off of form.

I think it's very Dia to feel like there is another woman inside of her that she just can't quite get out.

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