[Long description: A sketch page of Heaths; mostly his human shape, but with a few canid esk shapes interspersed throughout. He's variously depicted out on an open coast, studying in his chapel, and arguing passionately. Some sketches in color are enclosed, too, roughing out the design of his (variable!) vestments and stocky esk shape. ]

June 26, 2020

More heaths than I can shake a stick at. Just supplemental material for the pieces on his tracker : -9

AP + GP Breakdown

Base Score: 1 AP (Sketch/Lines)
+5 AP (Full Body)
Total AP: 6, x4 for 4 sketches

Grand Total AP: 24

Base Score: 1 GP (Sketch/Lines)
+2 GP (Full Body)
Total GP: 3, x4 for 4 sketches

Grand Total GP: 12

Dropped scoring of non-full bodies for simplicity.