hanged man

[Long Description: Reverend Heath Mac Cathasaigh, suspended upside-down from a mesquite tree by Hartweg's climbing milkweed (Funastrum heterophyllum). From the neck up, his mug is split between the muzzle of his canid esk form, and the gentle profile of his previous life.]

hanged man

September 7, 2020

So come out of your cave walking on your hands
And see the world hanging upside down
You can understand dependence
When you know the maker's land

thought I was done, but sometimes you just gotta make something messy and not even mumford or all of his sons can stop you

A little while ago I commissioned Quadrupedal for this stellar tarot-style Heath, and wanted to follow up with one of... Many cards I could (and probably will) throw this lad at. I didn't really intend for it to be the Hanged Man reversed, but it looked better this way, so don't worry about it. Don't worry about it!

AP + GP Breakdown

not sure if this can be scored,
leaving unscored for now.