[Long description: The mouth of a canyon, and the steep dam that bisects it. Poised atop the wall is the ghostly X, a colt-like esk on skinny black legs. They list awkwardly over the edge, peering deep into the waters below.

Rotting at the bottom of the reservoir are the remains of cattails and yerba mansa, painted black and eerily still in the waters. Among them is the body of another ghost, lying motionless in the waves...]


Who are you?

Where did you come from?

What is your name...?


Oh.... This place has you by the neck.

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May 8, 2020

OTL apropos nothing, I've been losing it rightly listening to Iscariot by Walk The Moon. Does it have anything to do with this picture? No. Did I listen to it for ~5 hours while painting this? yes.

Anyway. I was on the fence about trying for this event, haha... GR is in limbo, and I have complicated feelings about depicting abandoned places in my art. I didn't think any of my esk had anything interesting to say, until 2105 (of all characters) started tugging on my sleeves and reminded me-- hey-- dam removals? Those are the kinds of “ruins” I can get on board with.

I don't think any of the subsequent pieces for this event (if I get around to them) will be nearly this polished, but. Here we are! Love X, and celebrating the human element in anything is extremely my bullshit : -] also: little shoutout to Fiach's entry for this. inspired me to incorporate X's glass into the sun, hehe.

Now, as for why this dam is apparently still here and very much not removed... well... 2105 has a unique way of seeing the world, let's leave it at that.

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