The Valley

[Long description: The peaks of the Rockies, somewhere near the Wind River mountains. They're kissed by willowy clouds and soft snow; A thaw has come early and with it, a blanket of enterprising wildflowers. The ghostly esk Ahkŭ and Mabel take in their home, and notice in the distance a stranger who's traveled from afar... ]

December 31, 2019

a spot of fanart(?) giftart(?) for Snoodl's Ahkŭ, and Bagellesbian's Mabel. I had the impulse to paint a mountain, but one not of the Southwest, so this was a good excuse to acquaint myself better with the contiguous Rockies. Ahkŭ and Mabel came along for the journey, naturally. And some rando.

I hope it's not untoward to say Ahkŭ and Mabel were the first wlw esk I saw in the group, and the feeling that gave me........ absolutely incomparable. Had to draw them at some point. Fucking superb you funky little leskbians

anyway, the title is drawn from this beautiful little song. I've been playing Feather lately and delighting in it.