Kithless drafts

[Long description: A long page of design drafts for Kithless. Her esk shape went through a lot of iterations-- some were softer, smaller, and more pony-like, others had more complex layering to her fur and hair, creating a jacket-like silhouette, and one even took the shape of a little caypbara. The drafts for her human shape are fairly recognizable, but she had a kinder and more easy-going energy, back then.]

Drawn during ~May through August of 2018, compiled May 14, 2019.

Kinda wish I'd done something with that fur jacket look 🤔

I've been talking character design recently, and looking at these old drafts of Dia and Kith quite a lot. Thought I'd share them to celebrate my first TWWM anniversary (May 14, 2018) rolling around

(and fill the space between ghost river releases, lol... I've got my work cut out for me.)

I also want share some of the nascent threads that formed Dia and Kith and became Ghost River, because I have a terrible habit for not writing these things down until I've forgotten most of them.

  • I knew very early on that I wanted Dia to have some sort of scientist to pester, somebody who could counter her and make her realize that her misanthropy is misguided at best. Kith was that scientist, but she had a very cardboard personality when I started out with her (and a much kinder energy, it looks like.)
  • I actually started Ghost River while I was still not 100% on what I was doing with her character. It's fortunate I didn't write myself into any corners before she could develop a voice @_@ but I'm happy to have arrived at the Kith we know now, I think being a stubborn, dour old woman with a secret grief really suits her.
  • Kithless' name was going to be Koan, at one time, but I have an overabundance of characters with similar-sounding names and Kith has grown on me a lot more.
  • (I still don't know what her real name is)
  • Kith wasn't originally going to become an esk when I was first goofing around with her story. In my mind, most of my TWWM pieces were just gonna be little vignettes about a ghost bothering a scientist, maybe a few heartfelt or intense interactions, but ultimately a dynamic I could revisit in perpetuity as the world around them grows. that changed in a hurry when I realized I wanted her to grow with it.

Note: The majority of these depictions are not canonical to the TWWM game, they're just here to show some of the design process.