Global Climate Strike

[Long description: Val gearing up for the Global Climate Strike. The esk Dia and Kith help out. It's useful to have opposable thumbs when fabricating a poster, but Dia has nothing if not tenacity.]

September 14, 2019

she's doing her Best.

So. The Global Climate Strike is coming up. It kicks off Friday, September 20th, and again on the 27th. Strikes are organized the world over to demand just and equitable action on climate crisis, and an end to the fossil fuel industry. You can find more information here, and search for local strikes organized by those in your community (or even organize your own!)

I don't have to tell you that this is personal; I can tell you what we know, that colder places will only get colder, and hotter places will only get hotter. I can tell you that I live in a desert, and that rising temperatures will create ever more violent but unpredictable monsoon storms. I can tell you that Arizona is in its 21st year of drought, and that droughts are natural, but that they will only increase in severity as it warms. I can tell you that Phoenix is one of the fastest warming cities in the country, and that heat-related deaths are on the rise, and that these deaths are overwhelmingly of the most vulnerable people in our community-- the homeless and the poor. I can tell you that a water shortage will almost certainly be declared on the Colorado River as early as 2020. I can tell you that many of the challenges we face are complex, and rooted in systemic issues other than climate change, but that climate change will only exasperate them to the point that I lie awake some nights on the brink of tears, wondering if a desert that has cradled humanity for thousands of years might become wholly unlivable.

But I think that most of you know this already. Even if you might not think that you do-- we are only human, and as humans we are scientists at our hearts of hearts. We have a sharp eye for patterns of all kinds. You've probably observed it in your own communities, and you carry with you your own, secret grief about the future of the land you live on and the people around you. We need that bond now more than ever.

I'll be participating on Friday. I hope you'll join me, in whatever form that might take. Never been a better time than now ❤️