Diaspore drafts

[Long description: A long page of design drafts for Diaspore. Both her human and esk shape have been somewhat constant, but her nature feature moonlit as an ocotillo fence for a while. She had a snarly, bean-shaped snout before she mellowed out, as well.]

Drawn during ~May through August of 2018, compiled May 14, 2019.

Forgot how hard I was pushing that face...

I've been talking character design recently, and looking at these old drafts of Dia and Kith quite a lot. Thought I'd share them to celebrate my first TWWM anniversary (May 14, 2018) rolling around

(and fill the space between ghost river releases, lol... I've got my work cut out for me.)

I also want share some of the nascent threads that formed Dia and Kith and became Ghost River, because I have a terrible habit for not writing these things down until I've forgotten most of them.

  • Dia's basic premise is what got me to join TWWM. She hounded me for, I think, a few months before I caved and joined so I could start working towards her.
  • Problem being, there were a *lot* of hyper-specific things I knew about her (trespasser! monochrome palette! Either an invasive or native sonoran desert species with some sort of connection to water! Desert boundary! Just an absolutely wretched nature! Rangy and lanky!) and it would be preposterously difficult to find an esk like her as a newcomer.
  • Or it would have been, because like two weeks after I submitted my first real piece to TWWM the ID of my dreams popped up in the nursery :^| (thanks for enabling me, staff. Still in shock about that one.)
  • There was a time when Dia's nature feature was gonna be an introduced species (tamarisk was my first choice)... I wanted it to match her feelings of liminality as an asian-american immigrant. In retrospect, I like her having a native species a heck of a lot more. Feels like a little kindness on behalf of the earth.
  • Pretty much from the start, I designed Dia with the idea of Kith floating around out there. Part of what drew me to TWWM was exploring esk / human interactions, and I wanted there to be someone she could butt heads with, and who would challenge her resentment of humans and other esk.
  • Note: The majority of these depictions are not canonical to the TWWM game, they're just here to show some of the design process.