all the dead seem to know where I am

[Long description: Thousands of ghosts rise up out of the waters of Lake Pleasant and dance across the surface, their lamps glittering in the night like stars. The esk Dia cannot escape the procession fast enough.]

October 23, 2019

It happens, sometimes.

Like a superbloom, or a storm blowing in out of the far east. The surface of Lake Pleasant becomes glassy and still under the autumnal night sky. The stars dance across the waters like fireflies, until one becomes two, becomes three, four, five, and there's more flickering lights in the reservoir than in all the night sky.

And then they come up, up, up, out of the water. The eldest, first-- Dia does not know their names. They are much older than she is. They test the strange, warm air with sunlight smiles, waterworn oars, and long spearheads of pure color. Then come the people she can name: Huhugam, Patayan, Sinagua. Their sons and daughters, the first peoples: Yavapai, Akimel O'odham, Dilzhe'e, Piipash. Finally, the orphans of the land rise hand-in-hand with the foreigners, those inheritors of violence: The descendants of Black slaves, of Anglo colonizers, of Latinos, Mestizos, of Irish, Jewish, German, Asian-American immigrants.

Numberless beaming faces pass her by as they step up onto the surface of the lake. Most she doesn't recognize. Some she does. They dance south, downstream of the dam, along old highways in the bones of the Agua Fria. A glittering procession. A river.

And Dia runs far, far north. She knows better than to join them. They are going to a place she cannot follow.

whew. Title from the ever salient Ghost on the Shore.

Piece for the Autumn Lights event :^> this one is the “Introduction” prompt. I regret not being able to participate in events fully lately, but in the theme of things, I wanted to at least muscle through this one piece... a “refusal” of the call, hahaha. Dia doesn't want to party. She just wants her wife.

Also. I entered a sort of internet hiatus without announcing it 8'^\ that's college for ya. The only inbox I'm checking right now is my e-mail. I know I'm technically already in the middle of a hiatus but I've been sitting on some of the messages in my inbox for a hot minute, and if any of those are yours: they make me smile so, so big and I want to sit down and give them a real response as soon as I can. Thank you for your patience and kindness ❤︎