Vetru's Introduction

[Long description: Vetru exchanges a word or two with Diaspore, out on the fading scars of a wildfire.]


“This place is grounding, isn't it?”


“This must be your first time.”


“Traveling outside of your home, I mean.”


... ... “No."

Dia rises. “You'll have to excuse me. I did not come here for idle talk.”

“Hah! Suit yourself.”

Vetru gazes out over the scarred and broken heath as Dia moves to leave. But before she can put more than a few paces between them, the wanderer calls after her;

“We are not so unlike, you and I. I don't think it's accidental that we are both drawn to a place that...”

Vetru trails off under the hostility in Dia's backwards glance. They consider their words.

“... A place that was.”

July 2, 2018

rude dude and ready to brood

I wanted to keep Dia's growth very linear, but... well... Vetru's inner dialogue in the Firestorm prologue won me over. Plains biome is lucky to have them!

This is later down the line when Dia is more receptive to travel, and to using her words perhaps nicer than she otherwise would (which is to say: not nice at all but it could be worse)

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