[Long description: The esk Dia goads Vetru into an impromptu race, under a heavy sunset.]

Dia took note of a new presence in her haunt, a full month after the wildfires up north. They lingered at the borders of the heath, a slight shadow that ghosted her in such a way that they seemed-- and this brought Dia great satisfaction-- downright meek.

For about three days, the two of them pretended not to notice one another. And then there came an evening where the ghost wandered into plain view, and nosed a juniper bough with such pathetic disinterest that Dia decided it was time to deal with the interloper the only way she knew how.

November 6, 2018

one more before bed, as a sort of post-mortem for the firestorm quest + in honor of the new wanderer prompts :^D these two will have fun if it kills them.