Free Esk Bases

[Long description: A whole gaggle of esk!]

April 27, 2018

%^D I had a craving again. here's my opening volley for Those Who Went Missing...!

These three are a set of free base PSDs to do with as you will, within the framework of TWWM. Each base has two or three features you can swap in for their mane and tail style, as well as some uncommon / rare traits like false ears or manx tails. Or you can let them go shaved, and have a sleek esk.

There's also a set of eight “habitats” to put them in, which map to the biomes... I opted for rather local representations, though, so you may find many of them bordering on arid x^)

a few tips, to part;

  • these PSDs make use of the multiply and soft light blending modes, as well as layer masks and clipping groups. They should be compatible with any program that handles those, but let me know if that isn't the case.
  • these guys aren't lined, so it helps to keep the shading layer on a low opacity while you're painting.
  • Certain “habitats” have foregrounds to better mesh the esk with their environment.
  • While I used my usual combination of blue and yellow for the shading and lighting layers, a warmer esk might call for deep purples or reds. those with contrasting palettes may also benefit from painting over certain markings with a different shading or lighting color, since blue on multiply muddies up your auburns in a hurry %^D
  • My signature's in there somewhere for distribution purposes, but remember to turn it off! In that vein, credit's cool but entirely optional.
  • (fingerpistols) have fun and be yourself

Do be aware that esk are a closed species. You can create one for free by playing TWWM, though!

Download 'em here!