[Long description: A reference sheet for Diaspore. She's a lanky esk with wild, radially patterned hair, and is all black but for her white mask. Two dry stems of ocotillo trail behind her from the nook between her collar and shoulderblades.]

"This one won’t appreciate your efforts any more than mine, I’m afraid. Wander long enough the washes and dry riverbeds of our deserts, and you may have already crossed her without knowing it. Diaspore never leaves her boundary, but she is watchful, and if she sees you she will do anything in her power to get rid of you.

You may be tempted to hide your intentions, but you must approach her with patient candor. Doubly so if you hope to ask something of her. Dia is methodical; She will posture at you, provoke you, threaten you, torment you until she finds the perfect words to make you leave. She can be fearsome, but you must remember she can not hurt you--- and would not, even if she could.

Please be mindful, though… I don’t know what you will find hidden behind the ocotillo door. I fear she doesn’t, either"

June 1, 2018

New daughter! She's very, very mad. All the time.

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