[Long description: Dia, in life, knee-deep in the Salt River under cover of midnight. She's caked in mud or blood or both, and totes a shovel in one hand, body in the other.]

"I'm not surprised she dragged you through the mud for bringing that up. I think it frightens her, knowing all that she was, and all that she lost... She is a creature of memory, like you and I, but you must understand that this wild hunt of hers is the only way she allows herself to honor that memory.

Dia was a desperado who's crimes, she'd say, numbered the stars. But before that—before the blood, before the water, before the dam, and before her disbarment— Dia was a lawyer."

August 4, 2018


I've been playing Where the Water Tastes Like Wine lately, a wonderful game that has impressed on me greatly in telling Dia's story. Please accept this choice tune from it.