Those Who Went Missing

Those Who Went Missing is a collaborative worldbuilding game founded by Witherlings. It's about odd-fellow nature spirits called esk, who are created from transformations bestowed on lost or missing individuals. You can read more about them on TWWM's dedicated site.

My own works for TWWM are listed below. You can also find my player profile here.

Ghost River

There's something out there that doesn't belong.

Something that doesn't want us to belong, either.

Ghost River was a webcomic that ran from October of 2018 to August 2020-- a little story about the Agua Fria river here in Arizona. It was also a story about things that were, getting lost, and reckoning with a canyon that really, really doesn’t want you to be there.

Due to a variety of reasons, it was taken offline. You can read more about that here.

As time goes on, new stories may be told...