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[Long description: Prisoner stumbles through the forest underbrush and into Erandur, who drops his firewood in surprise. He's followed by the barking of a coven of necromancers;

We know you're here!

Come out, thief!

Show yourself!

Prisoner: Oh mercy, oh gods

Prisoner jumps down over an overhang, while Erandur motions for them to hide under it.

Prisoner: We need to go!

He claps a hand on Erandur and shoves both of them under the overhang. Just in time-- one of the necromancers vaults overhead. The two of them watch the coven off in their mad pursuit.

Necromancer: You can't hide forever...

Erandur turns to Prisoner for some answers.

Erandur: Wh--

Prisoner: We need to leave Skyrim!

Erandur sets his hands on the man's shoulders.

Erandur: Calm down and tell me what's happening, first.

Prisoner averts his eyes and covers his mouth.

Prisoner: Ok so remember that chair?

Erandur recoils. He starts shuffling around in the collar of his robes.

Prisoner: What are you doing?

Erandur produces his amulet of Mara.

Erandur: Praying for you.]

February 1, 2015

The infamous chair.