Other Art

A selection of visual works that don't fit into Moribund, TWWM, or any other project. Click through the thumbnails for full-view and captions.

This is, unfortunately, an incomplete gallery. In the future I hope to remedy this, but in the meantime you can find the most complete body of work either at my blog or deviantART gallery.

Desert Art

The Sonoran Desert and neighboring communities are very important to me. While the majority of my work is based in some way on this region-- or explicitly set in it-- these pieces are just deserts for the sake of deserts.

Chief and the R.A.

Two women traveling an irradiated hellscape in the far, far future, and learning about things like love and restoration ecology and dodging the draft. This could technically be considered Warhammer 40k fanwork if you squint, but only if you count "1ore channeling her inner 9 year old girl, who'd act out elaborate adventure stories using her brother's copy of WH40K: Dawn of War" as fanwork.

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The Elder Scrolls Art

A small gallery of old fanwork for the game series, between the years 2014 and 2018.

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Guild Wars 2 Art

Fanart and other mischief for Guild Wars 2.

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Odds and ends.