teen years

[Long description: A younger-looking Jesse; she's a little scruffier, and a lot seedier-looking, with lidded eyes and a sinister smile.

Redmond points at the picture, trembling.

Redmond: Who is this.

Jesse just smiles, and rubs her chin.

Jesse: Oh! My baby pictures! ]

July 15, 2019

very much not canon, but, I mean, the truth is out there............

Based in part on the time I made a bunch of my OCs in picrew generators, but the twist was that I committed to whatever generator I landed on, regardless of how well the character would actually suit the generator. My favourite is this bastard-energy Jesse from this generator, by Ghost-D4 / Dayecreepy. (op if you're reading this: i love this! thank you 🙏)

The Jesse generated by the picrew, albeit a little younger, conventionally attractive, and with a grimy grin.

Also based on Jesse's original design, which I adopted from the lovely Marn. Baby pictures time:

Jesse's original design, by Marn. She's a little more clean-cut and slick, with fun eyes.