[Long description: Jesse's unnamed ward furiously rubs their horns against the thick bark of a mesquite tree. Eventually, it all pays off; they hold out their shed horns to Jesse and Redmond with stars in their eyes;

kiddo: I SHED!

Jesse is tickled, but Redmond is a little unsure about them.

Jesse: Nicely done!

Redmond: Oh...

She takes the horns in her hands.

Redmond: What do I do with these? Is there a horn faerie you give these to, or

Jesse: We usually give them to Cai to chew on.

Redmond clutches them to her chest.

Redmond: I'll keep them.

Jesse and the kiddo are delighted.

Jesse: Wonderful! ]

October 8, 2019

Love to name my characters. Still working on that one. Also:

Redmond and the kiddo, whittling away at the shed horns with knives. Redmond asks, blushing, “... Does your mother ever shed?” to which the kiddo replies “Nope.”