[Long description: Jesse, guiding Redmond through a little crowd of gossiping wild folk. A shadowy wraith in long robes, crowned with a thrasher's nest, crowds over them.

Wraith: Jesse!! I didn't know your tastes were so...!

Redmond has nothing to lose. She's totally into it, and plays up her role accordingly.

Redmond: Can you really blame her for wanting a piece of this?

Jesse ignores them.

Jesse: I think we should go. This place is getting to your head. ]

July 1, 2019

There's a little subplot floating around out there where Redmond and Jesse get stuck at a wild folk convention and they have to pretend Redmond actually literally sold her soul to the devil so that nobody tries to pull a fast one on her, and the lie gets increasingly out of control.

The fun thing about it is that Jesse's reputation with the wild folk is more or less the same as her reputation with Hell's Gate. She's a pillar of the community who solves problems and has never been anything but kind and fair to them, so when they 'learn' that she apparently bargained for the soul of a mortal, the wild folk collectively lose their shit. The idea of Jesse swindling somebody out of their soul is just *bonkers.* everyone NEEDS the DEETS, and they. have to make them up on the spot.

Unfortunately, Redmond's experience with arbitrary rules and codes and her ability to weaponize them as an inquisitor makes her very popular with the wild folk (and arguably a better weird little desert fey than Jesse is.)