Content Warnings: Blood, injury, alcohol.

Punch Drunk

[Long description: The comic opens with Redmond, beaten, bloody, and drunk, as she's forcibly escorted out of the False Coyote's saloon. A patron taunts her from inside, as the False Coyote throws her out;

If you care about the Reverend so much, why don't you just marry her!

Redmond spits up blood.

Redmond: FUCK you!

False Coyote: That's enough, inquisitor. Call it a night.

Redmond stumbles into the night, as the saloon doors close on her. She struggles to right herself on one of the porch rails.

Redmond: Fuck.

Redmond scrubs at the angry tears in her eyes with a stained hand, smearing blood and lipstick over her face. Something catches her eye, out of her peripheries.

It's the Reverend, a slight silhouette underneath a stark lamplight.

Jesse: Ms. Faraday?

Redmond rights herself. She advances on the Reverend with a wild look in her eye, cuffing her by the collar and forcing her up against the lamp. ]

August 6, 2019

Part 1 of two little strips about a(n unfortunately) typical interaction between these two. Redmond isn't terribly fun to be around when she gets trashed, but at least she's honest.

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