Content Warnings: Nudity, sexual themes.


[Long description: Redmond yanks Jesse close by her lapels, until her back is to an altar with the Reverend on top of her.

Redmond: if you don't bang me into next week on this altar so help me god I'll

Cut to Jesse and Redmond, the morning after. Redmond attempts to disentangle the woman from her, and make a stealthy exit.

Redmond: oh reverend we are in it now

Cut again to Redmond trying to drink the memory of the previous night away, and confiding (perhaps too much) in the False Coyote as she does. The Reverend makes a dramatic late morning entry through the front door.

Jesse: Ms. Faraday!

Redmond startles like a deer in the headlights. The False Coyote covers her mouth, scandalized.

Jesse: I'm sorry--


The False Coyote revels in the drama of it all.]

June 7, 2019

An elaborate ruse to draw the False Coyote silently heckling Jesse from afar.