Content Warnings:

Depictions of past abuse, coercion, and trauma.

Latent Fear page 6

[Long description: And just like that, Jesse whisks her bride away. Redmond can only stumble along, trying to keep up.

Redmond: Jesse, what--

Jesse leans in, thumbing her lips to hush her. Redmond is stunned silent by the intimate gesture.

Jesse: Shh.

She leans in and gently adjusts Redmond's shawl.

Jesse: You don't have to say a word, love.

Redmond, in a tiny voice: I would like to?

Jesse: No speeches. No vows.

The energy between them changes, suddenly, becoming stiff and cold. Redmond doesn't understand. Jesse just cups her cheek.

Jesse: ... You said yours already, don't you remember? ]

October 19, 2019

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