Content Warnings:

Depictions of past abuse, coercion, and trauma.

Latent Fear page 5

[Long description: But something is not quite right. Her 'husband' has softer hands, a softer voice than she remembers;


Redmond is disarmed. She sneaks a glance at the stranger.

Redmond, internally: My... Husband...?

Grandmother: Kept us waiting.

Redmond, internally: This... Isn't a dream...

It's the devil in reverend's clothing, Jesse Cauldwell. Redmond startles so badly that she forgets she's holding the wedding shawl. Her family all scrabbles to keep it wrapped tight around her shoulders.

Redmond's Mother: Careful, girl! You'll lose the shawl!

Jesse just smiles at her.

Jesse: Ah, hlalin. I didn't mean to startle you.

Redmond, internally: This is a nightmare. ]

October 19, 2019

And you may tell yourself: this is not my beautiful wife,

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