Content Warnings:

Depictions of past abuse, coercion, and trauma.

Latent Fear page 3

[Long description: Redmond's grandmother begins undoing the earrings from her ears.

Redmond: No--!

Her grandmother reaches up, threading the earrings through Redmond's ears.

Redmond: No, no, no, I can't, these are too dear--

She stands back to admire her handiwork, cupping Redmond's cheeks. The gift leaves Redmond glassy-eyed.

Grandmother: You're young. You'll need them more than these old bones ever will. Keep them, and think of me.

Redmond, internally: They know I might have to get out, someday.

Her grandmother presses her nose against the sellion of Redmond's, bunting her gently. The rest of her family holds her close. ]

October 19, 2019

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