Content Warnings:

Depictions of past abuse, coercion, and trauma.

Latent Fear page 1

[Long description: The comic opens with Redmond, sleeping. She is bundled up in an ornate shawl, belongings and gifts strewn about at the foot of her futon.

Her little sister flies through the doorway, waking Redmond with a start.

Sister: Sitá! Mu sitá!

Redmond groggily rises from the mattress, as her sister takes a seat at the foot of it.

Redmond: Mu... Piche?

Sister: I know I'm not supposed to wake you, but

She whispers conspiratorially.

Sister: Today's the day.

Redmond doesn't follow.

Redmond: ... What day?

Sister: Your wedding day!!

Redmond blanches.

Redmond: My--

Cut to later that morning, Redmond's mother and sister dressing her in wedding regalia. Her face is painted with senuqe, her shoulders wrapped in last night's shawl, and she is not a little disoriented.

Redmond, internally: My wedding day. ]

October 19, 2019

A 10-page comic about one of Redmond's nightmares-- a strange, fever recollection of her wedding day.

I had the impulse to draw this out last weekend, and it ended up consuming me well into next week. The original was only projected to be like... 5 pages, but the idea got away from me and ended up in a very dark place, so I had to rewrite the ending and redraw it. That's how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Anyway. A little peek at Redmond as a young woman, and her family.

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